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For over 50 years Weldwell have been New Zealand’s market leader and manufacturer of arc welding electrodes for both the New Zealand and Australian markets.

Like always, the Weldwell arc electrode range is developed and manufactured locally in New Zealand by a team of technically driven professionals who work to deliver solutions that are suitable for a range of applications including the construction, mining, dairy, and oil and gas markets.

Weldwell’s comprehensive filler metal range spans from mild steel and low hydrogen electrodes to specialist Hobart flux cored wires hardfacing products and TIG welding wires.

Backed up by a team of technical professionals who understand customer needs and are committed to delivering industry leading products, Weldwell’s team work toward providing solutions that improve efficiency and boost productivity in all welding environments.

Known for their quality, consistency and performance, Weldwell’s filler metal products are preferred by welding operators New Zealand wide.

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