15 Sep 2021

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Hobart Fabshield 21B

For on-site welding applications

MIGFCFS21B09S (0.9mm – 4.5kg Spool), MIGFCFS21B12S (1.2mm – 4.5kg Spool), MIGFCFS21B12 (1.2mm - 15kg Spool)

A general purpose self-shielded tubular wire that is designed for single and multi-pass welding of thin gauge to 20mm thick mild or galvanized steels. Great for welding fillet or lap welds, you will find that this all-position wire has high operator appeal, producing a smooth spray-like transfer with low spatter levels, excellent weld appearance and easy to remove slag.

Self-Shielded or “Gasless” Flux Cored Joining Wires.

Suitable for Single Pass/Multi-pass Applications.

Suitable for Mild/Galvanised Steels.

Where to Buy

Product Overview


  • Sheds
  • Repair of Trucks, Tractors and Earth Moving Equipment
  • Prefabricated Steel Frame Construction
  • Galvanised Tank Fabrication
  • Frames
  • Fences
  • Farm and Rural Equipment

Welding Positions

  • 1G
  • 2G
  • 3G Upwards
  • 4G
  • 1F
  • 2F
  • 4F


  • MIG
AS/NZS ISO 17632-B - T49ZT11-1NA-H15
AWS A5.20 E71T-11

Typical All Weld Metal Chemical Analysis

  • C
  • Mn
  • Si
  • S
  • P
  • Al
  • Fe

Typical All Weld Metal Mechanical Analysis

  • Tensile Strength
    427 MPa
  • Yield Strength
    627 MPa
  • Elongation
  • CVN Impact Values
    Not Required

Ordering Information

Wire Size (mm) Pack Size and Type Part Number
0.9 4.5kg Spool MIGFCFS21B09S
1.2 4.5kg Spool MIGFCFS21B12S
1.2 15kg Spool MIGFCFS21B12

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