30 Mar 2020

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Selection Chart

Product Processes Std. Generator Power - Watts (Peak) Weld Output Range Engine VRD RCD Auxiliary Output
Stick MIG Flux-Cored* DC TIG CAC-A Aux Power Outlets Applications
Bobcat 250 EFI (Petrol) True True True True 3/16" (4.8mm) 11,000 40 - 250 AC
40 - 250 DC
17 - 28 CV
Kohler Petrol 2 x 15 A 240 V Fabrication, Maintenance, Rural, Construction
Trailblazer 325 EFI (Petrol) True True True True 3/16" (4.8mm) 12,000 10 - 325 DC
10 - 35 CV
Kohler Petrol [EFI] Opt. 2 x 15 A 240 V
1 x 50 A 120/240 V
Fabrication, Maintenance, Rural, Construction
Big Blue 400X Pro with ArcReach® True True True True 1/4" (6mm) 12,000 20 - 400 CC
14 - 40 CV
Kubota Diesel Opt. True 2 x 15 A,
1 x 32 A
(all 240V)
Fabrication, Maintenance, Structural, Construction
Big Blue 800X Duo Air Pak with ArcReach® True True True True 1/2" (13mm) 27,000 3PH
5,500 1PH
20 - 800 CC
14 - 40 CV
Deutz Diesel Opt. True 2 x 15 A 240 V 1PH
1 x 32 A 380 V 3PH
Construction, Structural, Maintenance, Mining

Weldwell offers New Zealand Miller’s range of Engine Driven machines. Regardless of the application, Miller has an engine driven welding machine to suit any application.

The main benefits of having a Miller engine driven MIG welder are that they offer high performance and reliability that is second to none. The range of Miller engine drive welders include both diesel engines and petrol engines. Using Weldwell’s range of Miller engine driven welders along with our wide range of welding supplies allows welders to achieve optimal long term welding results, which allow welders to save both time and money.

The Big Blue® Air Pak™ engine driven welder is specifically designed to handle the toughest mining maintenance applications. The Air Pak™ engine driven welder is a complete mobile welding, air and power workshop for on-site maintenance and fabrication. With independent generator power, the Air Pak engine driven welder delivers 4000 watts of continuous output for lighting and power tools, even while welding at 500 Amps.

The Miller engine driven welder range includes: Bobcat 250 EFI, Trailblazer 325, Big Blue 500X and the Big Blue 800X Air Pak with ArcReach Technology.

Weldwell has a great range of TIG torches and MIG guns that are suitable for the Miller engine driven welder range. In addition, Weldwell have a large range of welding accessories that are durable, high quality and able to meet tough welding demands for a range of applications.

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