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Safety is very important while welding. Whether you’re stick welding, MIG welding, Arc welding, TIG welding or gas welding it’s important to wear the right protective gear.

To protect your body from burns it’s very important that you wear high-quality flame-resistant clothing. For extra welding safety a good quality welding jacket, whether it be a leather welding jacket, or cotton welding jacket is highly recommended. For foot protection good quality work boots are a must, and if you’re going to be on your knees, knee pads are ideal to keep you protected against rough surfaces.

When it comes to face and neck protection wearing a good quality welding helmet is an absolute must. Designed to protect welding operators from flying objects, and ultraviolet lights it’s important to select a good one.

Designed by welders for welders, Miller offers the Miller Digital Elite Series. Auto-darkening, these helmets feature the latest digital technology and an ergonomic design to maximise comfort. With a high impact rating and 3 years warranty they also comply with New Zealand standards.

For hand protection, wearing MIG welding gloves or TIG welding gloves are a must. They provide maximum protection and also comfort while welding. Keeping our outer body protected is important, however it is also important to keep our inner body protected too. For lung protection against welding fumes, Miller offers the Vortex PAPR system for fume extraction and purifying.

To ensure workplace accidents or injuries are kept to a minimum, Weldwell offer a wide range of welding safety gear and welding safety equipment.

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