Published 28 May 2019

NEW look website for Weldwell

As New Zealand’s leading welding supply company and the country’s only manufacturer of arc welding electrodes, Weldwell is pleased to announce an exciting and intuitive new website making it easier for welders of all levels to find exactly what they need, whether it’s welding equipment, filler metals, safety products or accessories, all at the touch of a button.

We’ve been providing innovative welding products and solutions in New Zealand more than 50 years, and our new website offers easy access to the latest technology from our partners around the world including products from leading brands such as WIA, Miller, Hobart and Bernard.

To complement our new look Weldwell logo, we’ve added several new features to the website including more products and dedicated pages for our most popular products, as well as case studies and more in-depth information on NZ welders’ favourite brands, welding resources and news.

You can now find warranty information and claims online, as well as an easy Where-to-Buy feature with information on local distributors anywhere from the Bay of Islands in the north, to Invercargill in the south and how to find them using Google Maps.

All the information you’ll need on our range of welding equipment, filler metals, safety products or accessories is now easy to access with our full range of Specifications and Data sheets available online and easily downloadable. We’ve also created an easy to use electrode selection chart to help you select the right electrode for your application.

Plus, we’ve kept all the information you’ve come to rely from the old website such as MSDS information and test certificates for your favourite Weldwell products.

So whether you’re welding for the first time or you already run a substantial welding operation, Weldwell’s new website can point you to the right solution for the job, be it in the Oil and Gas, Manufacturing Structural, Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Transport or Marine industry.

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