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Located in Napier, Profile Boats have a long history of working with Weldwell to increase productivity and create premium quality welds for their aluminium pontoon boats with Miller welders.

Designed initially as a safer beach launching vessel, the Profile Boats range has been developed to provide crafts from family recreation, to seriously good dive and fishing boats, as well as commercial charter vessels. The inherent safety of the unique aluminium pontoon design offers superior stability and makes all Profile Boats virtually unsinkable.

Ranging in size from 4.5m – 9.8m, the boats crafted in their Napier workshop need to be strong and safe, the welds that hold the boats together are exposed, so they require good quality, aesthetically pleasing welds.

Profile boats use Miller welders throughout their factory, using them for their reliability, leading to increased productivity and cleaner welds.

Using Miller’s Aluma MIG aluminium welding system, a dedicated aluminium system for advanced MIG and synergic pulsed MIG performance, Profile Boats can create MIG welds that provide a TIG appearance with the simplicity and productivity of MIG welding.

Profile Boats weld a lot of long MIG welds, the Aluma makes this easier with longer leads and syncronised, true push-pull wire feed system, offering precise wire feeding and arc performance.

In addition, the remote adjustment means they can adjust the wire speed while welding from inside the boat.

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