Miller Wireless Remote Hand Control

No cords


Improves safety and maintenance.

Operate up to 300 feet from your welding power source without the use of remote control cables.

Plug the wireless receiver into the 14-pin receptacle on the front of your Miller welder and you're ready to go wireless.

Comes complete with wireless hand control and wireless 14-pin receiver.


Where to Buy

Product Overview


What's In The Box

  • Miller Wireless hand control transmitter
  • Wireless 14-pin receiver
  • Battery box with three AA batteries
  • Belt clip
  • Owner's manual


For details, refer to the Miller True Blue Warranty Statement.

No Cords

Improves safety and reduces maintenance time.

Improves Productivity

Allows parameter adjustments up to 300 feet away from welder without returning to the machine or calling for assistance.

Smart Touch Buttons

Increases or decreases machine parameters in one or five per cent increments, for quick and accurate adjustments.

Easy to Install Receiver

Plugs directly in the 14-pin receptacle of Miller machines.

Extends Welding Range

Up to 91m.

Improves Weld Quality

With precise operator control.

Digital Meter Display

Easy to Use

Long Battery Life


  • Battery Life
    250 hours
  • Power Supply
    Three AA Batteries

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